Death Notice of the Month: Princeton Wurtchell

Princeton Wurtchell
Either 79 or 80, Campus-Area Blvd.

The deceased once assigned his class the entire works of a once-famous playwright. (Hardbound Books Series)
The deceased once assigned his class the entire works of a then-famous playwright. (Hardbound Books Series)

Following an odd series of events, Princeton “Yale” Wurtchell, PhD, died April 27.

He was born in either 1935 or 1936, according to incomplete records obtained through official sources. But that’s irrelevant to the current discussion.

Wurtchell, a former dean of English at Bass Lake University, recently spoke about life and death as part of a fundraiser/speaking engagement at the college. One excerpt from the talk: “Either I will die within a month, or live forever.”

He was 50 percent correct.

There ends the odd series of events.

Wurthchell is credited with spearheading then-Bass Lake Community College’s English and history programs, along with at least a dozen academic initiatives that were immediately discontinued upon his retirement. He also suggested changing the school’s official colors from green-and-gold to whatever they are today.

His hobbies earlier in life included fishing, boating, tennis, volunteer tutoring, vacation trips with his family and writing for numerous publications and academic journals (his only “paid hobby.”). Later in life, he enjoyed devising fictional course catalogs (in longhand, using No. 2 pencil) and collecting collegiate sports pennants.

Surviving are his wife, Charlotte; two sons, Cornell and Harvard, and a daughter, Ivy, along with their respective spouses and offspring.

Services are planned, but details have not been announced. Donations may be made to the family or to the newly formed Domed Stadium Fund.


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