Local Cover Band’s van explodes; Bass Lake mayor Guy Soundguy may have been inside

By Max Fontaine | Police/Fire/Music Reporter

File photo that most closely matches how the van-fire probably looked. (File photo)
File photo that most closely resembles how the van-fire probably looked. (File photo)

A van belonging to Local Cover Band, Bass Lake’s most enduring local cover band, exploded early today at the home of part-time keyboardist Joel “Jammer” Jimmerschmidt.

Bass Lake Fire and Emergency Institute was dispatched to the scene around 2:45 a.m. Flames could be seen for miles and miles.

The van is considered a complete loss.

Early reports indicate the van was unoccupied at the time of eruption. Even so, early speculation indicates that sound engineer/Bass Lake mayor Guy Soundguy may have been inside the vehicular structure at the time, authorities said. Early indicators indicate the incident was politically driven, even though the van itself hadn’t been driven in several weeks.

  • Did you know? As its most recent gig, Local Cover Band opened with Van Halen’s “Eruption”

Cause of the explosion is uncertain, but foul play is a possibility, said Chiou Yueh, chief of Bass Lake Authority Police.

“Are you not kidding me?” Yueh said. “This much is obvious.”

Former chief Tug McNabb has a theory.

“It was probably faulty wiring,” McNabb said. “It almost always is.”

The fire institute has begun preliminary investigation. Post-preliminary investigation by Michiana Highway Control is expected. MHC has jurisdiction in the case because, although it was not road-related, it did involve a motor vehicle, officials guessed.

Members of Local Cover Band refused comment, at least directly to the Beacon. Attempts to contact Soundguy through official government channels were unsuccessful.

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