Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/20/2023-2/24/2023

Roll on in the Funky’s on the Bayou this Fat Tuesday for some good times that will occur. (File photo)

Pig’s feet in aspic
Skillet corn
Pears on the half-shell
Stick malted

Crawfish boil
Red beans and rice for a quarter
Street banana
King cake
Oyster water

Minnow taco
Gum with the wind
Headband wringer

Duodenum explosion
Cauliflower leaves
Boiled raisin
Honey dippers

Potato bar
Salad bar
Fruit bar
Candy bar

This week’s menu is sponsored by Funky’s on the Bayou. Join Greg “Funky” Gregory for a Mardi Gras unlike any other. “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” says Funky. “We’ve got three local favorites providing music this Fat Tuesday, including Local Cover Band, Local Cover Band, Jr., and Beer Garden of Eden. Free beads for the first five dancers to hit the floor.” Local cover charge.

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