Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/13/2023-2/17/2023

“I’m reminded of the adage ‘If it ain’t worth doing, it ain’t worth doing right.'”

Forrest Bunkard, Bass Lake Mayor

Emancipation salad
Country witicism berries
Ford’s Theater shake-ups
Day-old milk

Irreconcilable casserole
Split peas
Lying bastard pear halves
Aorta crumble
Thinner than water

As seen on TV patty w/bun
Banana mondatta
Frozen pickel
Tailpipe runoff

Garden stuff
Heavy metal chocolate
Post-nasal drip

Fish sticks w/tartar sauce
Lima beans
Pineapple core
Table gum
Liquid nitrogen

This week’s menu is sponsored by the Committee to Re-elect Forrest Bunkard. “It may be a bit early, but it’s still not too late.” (Paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Forrest Bunkard Re-election Committee, Forrest Bunkard, Treasurer.)

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