Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/15-2/19 2021

One-stop shopping for all your nutritional needs is just around the corner.

Lemming scramble
Fried traters
Lemon bites
Iced cheese

General Grant’s beef tips
Peppers n’ onions
Banana whammies
Snow wedge
Hydraulic fluid

Benign tumor w/brioche bun
Mashed yams
Reconstituted grapes
Toe jam popper
Mop water

Plant-based approximation
Gas station condiment
Melon ball
Bag ‘o treat

Fried eggplant
Fried lettuce
Fried peach
Brains, fried then frozen
Fry oil

This week’s menu is sponsored by Bass Lake Society for Nutrition on a Budget. “Food bargains aplenty!”

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