Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/1-2/5 2021

Call Ned Levelcut at Bass Lake 6697 (MOWR) to be reminded that his mower and string trimmer, tax preparation, dock installation, snow removal, and full-blown insurance services are at the ready to serve your needs with the latest in equipment and technology. (Photo by: Ned’s Photos, coming soon.)

Hot dog sampler
Creamed corn
Dried grape
Cold things
Expired vaccine

Groundhog stew
Groundhog stomach contents
Groundhog shaped pear slice
Frozen groundhog
Shadow of a beverage

Roadkill of the day
Mashed potato eyes
Donut jelly
Non-jelly donut
AA coffee

Johnny Marzetti
John 4:36
Dr. John’s Xylitol party
John water

Ice fisherman’s basket
French fries
Diced pickle
Pirate lolly

This week’s menu is sponsored by Ned Levelcut of Ned Levelcut’s mower and string trimmer services, tax preparation, dock installation, snow removal, and full-blown insurance. Ned would like to remind everyone that tax season is just around the corner, as is mower and string trimmer season, dock installation season, and insurance season. “We’re still in snow removal season,” says Ned, “so give me a call at Bass Lake 6697 (MOWR) for a full blown quote.”

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