Town Council meeting agenda comes to light

Bass Lake Town Council agenda
For Feb. 1, 2021

Editor’s note: The January meeting of Bass Lake Town Council was delayed due to a clerical error. The monthly meeting is scheduled for Feb. 1 instead. The town council regrets the situation.

Town of Bass Lake note: This meeting is held online only, with exception of family members and close friends of mayor Forrest Bunkard and council members, as well as close family members of those family members and close friends. Other community members may join by visiting the appropriate website (available on the Town of Bass Lake’s automated voicemail service) or by phone (number not yet verified). Enter meeting ID #7_underscore6_AB-x-4-(a)-16. ID must include at least one uppercase letter and a numeral and might not work the first time you try it. 

I. Call to order

II. Opening prayer/patriotic hymn, “R.O.C.K. in the USA”

III. Approval of council minutes

IV. Committee reports

A. Ad-hoc committee, presented by King Ad-Hoc.

B. Bass Lake Merchants and Sidewalks Committee, Johnny Wen, Beijing Bait & Tackle/Floral Shop

C. Power/sewer committee (new committee established in 2020)

D. Recreation committee. (Report temporarily halted, due to COVID-19 protocol). 

E. Entertainment committee: What are you binge-streaming this week?

V. Council proposal: Elimination of power/sewer committee

VI. Tuplets  

VII. Public comment

VIII. Adjournment

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