Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/4-3/8 2019

Kite Klub
The Bass Lake Kite Klub offers free kite flying lessons the second or third Saturday of each month if the wind is right. Join us for wholesome family fun. Bring your own kites and string. 

Floss nuggets w/dipping sauce
Repurposed fast-food burger lettuce
Apple slice
Snowball minis
Waters of March

Crawfish boil
Dirty rice
Poke salad
German chocolate pancakes
Milk punch

Salted bluegill
One bean salad
Possible peach half
Sugar-free ice cream
Water extract

Macaroni and tripe
Tree bark
Shredded banana
Stevia packet
Nose juice

Window bird pie
Cold slaw
None of your beeswax
Freshwater taffy
Pickle juice

This week’s menu is sponsored by the Bass Lake Kite Klub. Fun for the whole family, the Bass Lake Kite Klub meets the second or third Saturday of each month, depending on the wind, at the Bass Lake High School Athletic Field, which is basically the seniors class parking lot. Kites and string not provided. 

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