Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 3/11-3/15 2019

Jollys donut
Visit Jolly Jimmerschmidt’s Jolly’s Morgue & Donut today. 

Lost hour hot dogs (frozen)
Buns of carrot
Micro fruit
Last of the lake ice
Cereal milk

Tofu taco
Elderly kale
Avocado whippies
Iced car wax
Glysophate (may contain veggies)

Pasta blend
Cabbage salad
Pear knuckle
Truckstop runoff

Potato w/fixins
French fries
Fried apple
Black Cow
Three-hole punch

Beware the Ides of pizza
Caesar salad
Fruit chew, Brute?
Emperor’s blood

This week’s menu is sponsored by Jolly’s Morgue & Donut. Why? Because where else can you go in Bass Lake and enjoy a cream-filled sub while identifying the body of a long-lost relative. Where? Nowhere, man. 

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