Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/4-2/8 2019


Don’t believe the bull! There’s always enough time to put off what may or may not need doing. (Photo contributed by the League of Bass Lake Procrastinators)

Monday (Staff note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, this week’s lunch menu was not posted in a timely manner. This had nothing to do with the Stupor Bowl or any celebrations surrounding it. In any event, here’s what your little darlings got yesterday.)

Chicken wings
Celery sticks
Fruit dip
Chocolate covered potato chips
Spit pail

Breakfast bar! ($20) (Includes everything but beverage, which will run you another $2.50 each.) (Year of the Pig bacon and sausage not included.)

Toboggan dogs w/sore buns
Sliced raisin
Frozen sludge
Caravan Kool-ade

Roadkill stew
Cracked corn
Mango substitute
Chew-flavored chew
Lodge coffee

Jackson Pollock
Carnival carrot
Yes we have no banana
Blue Jay icie
Hair of the dog

This week’s menu is sponsored by the League of Bass Lake Procrastinators ….



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