Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 2/11-2/15 2019

love connection
Michiana Dating Service will help you find a love connection, no matter the challenge. (Photo repurposed)

Sand which
Baked lettuce
Cheesy grape
Ice cream lid
Onion tea

Grub pie
Fuzzy broccoli
Kiwi skin
Bubble milk

Mexican penguin sliders
Kale cigar
Grapefruit greasers
Snail trail

Broken Captain Beefheart
Heart of E. coli romaine
Strawberry seed
Sacred tarts
Sacrificial blood

Breakup pizza
Short end of the carrot
Sour grapes
Humble pie
Alone again natural tea

This week’s menu sponsored by Michiana Dating Service. A hole for every peg. Stalkers welcome!

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