Bass Lake Town Council meeting unhinged

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For June 25, 2018

Compiled by Till Tuesdee

I. Call to order carryout

II. Invocation: “Like a Prayer”

III. Motion to suppress last month’s meeting minutes
A. Hush, hush
B. Keep it down, now
C. Motion carries

IV. New old business
1. Street-closure for repair: Main Street Avenue
2. N/A

V. Old new business
1. Trade war update, hosted by Mayor Forrest Bunkard
2. Trade war rebuttal, by Johnny Wen
3. Neutral bystanders commentary

VI. Days on the road, and I’m a-gonna make it home tonight

VII. Town committees bi-quarterly update reports

VIII. Recognition of Bass Lake High School student-athletes: Presentation of annual “Tribute to Mediocrity” awards.

IX. Public backlash

X. Adjournment

Want to see last month’s agenda. Well, here it is!

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