Brickston to Shutter business

By A. Finn Moss | Beacon business beat

Shutters (not these) may soon force a local business to remain open. (Photo contributed by Shutter Barn.)

The owner of a longtime Bass Lake institution has decided to shutter his business.

Clem Brickston, owner/operator of the gabled Bass Lake Inn-Convenience, said the decision follows months of intensive reflection.

The combination Inn-Convenience establishment, famous for its piano and high-priced milk, has been a familiar facade on the northwest shore of Bass Lake since early 1974.

“I had long talks about it with my advisor,” Brickston said. “He told me my premiums would skyrocket if I didn’t do something immediately.”

The problem, Brickston said, is that “meddling kids” have been using as target practice the large picture windows that give the structure its glassy appearance.

“They sit in their boats with their BB guns at night after closing time and take pot shots at my windows,” Brickston said. “Ned thought covering the windows with something would discourage the little delinquents. I’m thinking shutters.”

The Ned in question is Ned Levelcut, who recently added insurance services to his ever-expanding line of businesses, which include mower and string trimmer, tax preparation, dock installation and snow removal.

“He’s filed claims every couple of weeks since the ice came off the lake,” Levelcut said. “If he keeps it up I’m going to have to raise his rates.”

Brickston said the cost of higher insurance premiums would be passed on to his customers.

“It’s just good business,” he said. “But these shutters may save the day.”

The shuttering is expected to take place as soon as a design is approved by town council, which could be in the next six months or 180 days, whichever comes first.

Meantime Bass Lake Inn-Convenience will continue to run as usual.

“Piano players are welcome,” Brickston said. “No charge.”

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