Fishing report: Assessing the spring season

By Mack Roinvertebrate | Outdoors columnist

Provided by Beijing Bait & Tackle. (Includes English-to-Chinese translation).

Hello again, fishing friends and fans of fishing friends. Here’s a seasonal update about fishing on Bass Lake from mid-March until now.

According to local semi-pro angler Buddy Stith, it was an uneven period, but with positive moments.

“I saw guys catching lots of fish, but some days, not much,” Stith said. “It’s good to see the young people out fishing, too, keeping them away from drugs and T-ball.”

Ranking of most common (legal) catches this spring, based on waterway-count statistics (last compiled in 2007).

1. Largemouth bass
2. Bluegill(s)
3. Small-mouth trout
4. Crappie, frogs (tie)
5. Styrofoam

Lengthiest bass caught: 15.4 inches, by Ned Levelcut, owner of Ned Levelcut Lawn Mower and String Trimmer Repair and Tax Return Preparation and Dock Installation and Removal and Residential Snow Removal Services.

The majority of aquatic species were caught using one of three methods: spoons; a minnow-nightcrawler mix; or budget-hot dogs.

Game wardens handed out five citations and two warnings during the quarter. All but one case has been settled on-shore. The other is set for trial sometime in July.

“That person is gonna do serious time,” claimed Bass Lake-area prosecutor Manny Riverton. The suspect’s attorney was not available for rebuttal.

Gil Chantee, former lake-area seasonal historian and chief of fisheries science at Bass Lake Center for Fish and Sundry Wildlife, added his 3 cents to the seasonal analysis.

“I don’t know what else I can tell ya,” Chantee said.

This report partly underwritten by Beijing Bait & Tackle. Purchase from us only, please.


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