Town Council agenda propounded

Bass Lake Town Council agenda
For Feb. 19, 2018

A hands-down approach to some (but not all) current local issues has been tabled.

I. Informal pre-meeting chatter/call to order

II. Moment of reflection/Official prayer to God Our Father Almighty (Recited backward)

III. Approval of minutes from January meeting

IV. Recently old business
A. Promotions/demotions: Bass Lake Authority Police
B. Ordinance/schmordinance

V. New business
A. Proposed settlement of snow-removal department shutdown
B. Presentation by Bill Clinton (former president of Bass Lake Saxophone-Blowers Association).

VI. Pence, none the richer

VII. Business-business: Assessment of proposed agriculture operation hoping to invade our area

VII. Breaktime?

VIII. Photo-op period/awards

IX. Community-member bickering session (limit 45 seconds per participant; limit to fewer than two participants)

X. Adjournment

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