Valentine’s Day Dance Delayed

By Ima Lone | Beacon spinster reporter


Valentine’s Day Dance canceled. (File photo)

Bass Lake lover birds will have to wait another year, or maybe less, to express their love through paired dance.

The annual, though never held, Bass Lake Community Valentine’s Day Dance has yet again been canceled due to a lack of commitment on someone’s part.

Event organizer Yvonne T’Notherchance said the dance, which had been scheduled for Feb. 14 at the Bass Lake University Concourse/Standing Around Area, had to be canceled for a “vast number” of reasons.

“I don’t have time to go into the specifics,” T’Notherchance said. “Let’s just say mass confusion about the purpose of the dance is to blame.

The dance, which has been the heart of the Bass Lake social season for nearly three years, has yet to come off.

T’Notherchance said repeated failures will not deter her.

“I’ plan to plan another dance next year,” T’Notherchance said. “Don’t ask me why.”

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