Seed-corn company eyes Bass Lake; opinions mixed

By Dan Steely | Beacon agrarian correspondent

Corn’s up. (Pending approval)

A botanical outfit based out of southwest Michiana has proposed construction of a new seed corn-growing enterprise in rural Bass Lake.

Maize Runner, nationally known regional producer of corn and corn accessories, approached Bass Lake Town Council regarding a new business venture in the nearby area.

Mary Lewis-Weather, spokesgirl at Mazie Runner, emphasized positive impact on the Bass Lake-related economic outlook, if the move is OK’d.

“We expect to add at least 105 new jobs over the next five years,” Lewis-Weather said, in a handwritten statement faxed to The Beacon. “Maybe not specifically in (your community here), but throughout our collective workforce.”

Some residents have expressed outrage. Among them is longtime resident Stephanie D’Tassel, who hadn’t heard of the plan until questioned 82 minutes before this report was emailed to the editor.

“Tell me it isn’t so,” said D’Tassel, 45. “Our area’s beauty lies in its tranquil farmland. This is no place for agriculture.”

Not all community members are shucking the idea. The only example we could find under deadline pressure: 68-year-old Marko Fenster.

“This (thing) is the thing that might improve local industry,” Fenster said. “And if you believe that, I’ve got a few restored, vintage tractors for sale in Florida. Seriously, I do. Wanna buy one?”

The town council will address the proposal next week at its monthly meeting, a board member confirmed.

“It’s on the agenda, for sure,” said clerk-treasurer Olden A. Goodway. “I think.”

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