Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda unwrapped

Bass Lake Town Council agenda
For June 19, 2017

A months-long dispute by utilities and garbage-collection workers could be nearing a conclusion. Unless it isn’t. If that’s the case, it’s not.

I. Opening credits

II. Rehash of minutes

III. Old news

       A. Update regarding walkout by Bass Lake Utilities and Garbage Collection

       B. Council resolution for resolution of walkout

       C. Proposal for mayoral order to end conflict (closed session, open to the public)

IV. New news

V. Reports and updates

       A. “Pulse of the Town,” annual public report from Regional-Area Health Agency, presented by Adam Doctorsen, son of Dr. Doctorsen.

       B. Mayor’s quarterly report, by Forrest Bunkard

       C. Request by Bass Lake Fire and Emergency Institute for purchase of additional antique equipment

VII. Year itch

VIII. Intramission

IX. Closing monologue/residential guest commentary

X. Postlude

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