Bids revealed for firefighting vehicle

By Clara Glendale-Frolic | Community/meeting news

The new face of the fire department could be an old one. (File photo)
The new face of the fire department could be an old one. (File photo)

Bids for a new firefighting vehicle for Bass Lake Fire and Emergency Institute were unsealed Monday at the monthly meeting of Bass Lake Town Council.

As a cost-saving measure, officials have decided to purchase a classic truck that is restored or partly restored, instead of top-of-the-line equipment, or as mayor Carolyn Shee refers to it, “really expensive new things.”

  • 1973 Ford L900, $5,600.
  • 1941 Diamond T, $29,000 or best offer
  • 1927 Ford American LaFrance, $12,000 or best offer.

Shee believes the strategy to purchase vintage pre-owned rather than not-yet-owned is a smart strategy, even factoring restoration costs.

“This is the best way to go,” Shee said. “Plus, this kind of truck will look great in our parade!”

Associate fire chief Vance Global agreed.

“I agreed,” Global texted after the meeting.

The council plans to award the contract at next month’s meeting.

No major fires have been reported in Bass Lake in 2016.

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