Town council agenda hand-delivered

Bass Lake Town Council meeting agenda
For July 18, 2016

Stamp and rubber-stamp were in a boat. Stamp fell out. (Pete Repeat/Inkpad)
Stamp and rubber-stamp were in a boat. Stamp fell out.

I. Opening hymn

II. Review of last month’s meeting minutes
A. Vague scoffing
B. Subdued approval

III. New business
A. Department of Public Safety Department

1. Purchase of new firefighting vehicle for Bass Lake Fire and Emergency Institute

a. Budgetary argument, presented by fire chief Nate Blazeman.
b. Sealed bids unsealed

2. Decision-making

B. All other departments

1. One
2. Uh, two-HOOOO
3. Thrrreee

IV. Mid-decade report: Clerk-Treasury, by clerk-treasurer Olden A. Goodway

V. Anti-Roman Numeral Debate

VI. Quiet time

VII. T-6

VIII. Pokemon A-Go-Go contest (town council only)

IX. Public scrutiny/document-shredding

X. The End of The Meeting

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