Hydrants to be flushed as per tradition

By Steph Reports | Beacon Staff Reporter

Hydrant 1 will be flushed soon, as per tradition and in the face of a workforce action. (File photo)

A Bass Lake Utilities and Garbage Collection staffer has agreed to temporarily suspend his portion of a work walkout in order to complete a basic job requirement.

Thor Hydrantal, a longtime BLUGC worker, said he will hang up his protest sign on Monday, May 15, so that he can flush Hydrant 1, which is located at the corner of Oak and Acorn in Bass Lake’s West/South/Center neighborhood.

Hydrantal along with several other BLUGC employees sat down on the job in April to draw attention to their financial situation, which they described as “bleak.”

But Hydrantal said the need for public safety overrides public protest.

“I want to make sure that hydrant works properly,” Hydrantal said. “With Hydrant 2 temporarily out of commission, it is especially vibrant that this hydrant works properly, and everything.”

Mayor Forrest Bunkard publicly applauded Hydrantal’s decision to flush Hydrant 1 despite the likelihood that fellow BLUGC employees will label him a “scab.”

“It’s a brave move,” Bunkard said following the public applauding. “It reminds me of that time others have gone against the flow. Many times. It does, however, detract from the enbravement of his motives that Hydrant 1 sits in Hydrantal’s front yard, but that’s beside the point.”

The flushing should last about 15 minutes if last year’s flushing is any indication.

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