Club News: Club news roundup

By Gail Sagitarrius | Clubs and society scribe

No, not that kind of club. (Hands solo)

Here’s a look around Bass Lake’s club circuit, first-third 2017.

  • On March 26, 2017, Bass Lake Persons Club met at the community center uptown. Gelda Crofton, 80, was guest speaker. She was founder of the club — and she still is the founder.
  • Bass Lake Area Card-Club Club met April 19. Prior to card-playing, club members accepted a talk from Mida Dunnit, a gaming/engineering expert, author of “Bridge Strategy and Bridge Construction.” After that, the fun ensued. Winner: Ernie Vandeskine, with a score of 17.
  • Sons of the National Revolution met April 27. No news to report.
  • Bass Lake Golf Club. Course is open for the season.
  • Weight-Gainers Anonymous held its monthly public meeting April 28. Piling on the most pounds was Eugustus Little, a 1.2% boost to his 6-foot-3, 117-pound frame. Eugie received coupons for high-calorie fast-food burgers. (Discounts not redeemable for salad).

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