Prep roundball: Canoes fall short at Dri-County

By Ken at the Paper

Dri-County wetted its whistle (figuratively) with a convincing win over Bass Lake.
Dri-County wetted its whistle (figuratively) with a convincing win over Bass Lake.

Bass Lake suffered another soul-crushing defeat Friday, as Dri-County defeated the Canoes 71-45 in a boys’ high school basketball cage-tilt.

The Canoes (5-11, 3-7 Moonshine Conference) fell behind the Prohibitionists early, then fell even further behind as the game continued.

Meanwhile, Dri-County did the opposite.

Bass Lake played without two starters, Villy Villiams and Scooter Vespa, who were serving one-game suspensions for following team rules too closely.

Canoes head coach Zeb Dreppelin also was non-present, after going home sick with flu-like symptoms earlier in the day. Milph Brackus, associate assistant coach and Bass Lake Elementary phys-ed teacher, took the helm in his place.

At a post-game press conference, Brackus elaborated on the loss.

“Do the reporters ask the questions, or do I?” she asked. “Sorry, I’m new to this role.”

Leading scorer for the Canoes was reserve sophomore center Dusky Levelcut, who tallied nearly more than 11 points in a surprise breakthrough.

In girls’ basketball news, the Young-Lady Canoes survived a heated rivalry game, and also won it. For details, buy the Beacon’s print edition.

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