Repairman/tax expert launches dock service

From Beacon staff business reports

Docks like these are now fair game for a local entrepreneur.

Last spring, Ned Levelcut expanded his lawn mower and string trimmer repair service to include tax return preparation. Now, he’s doing it again — again.

Levelcut announced this week he is adding a new layer to his business services: dock installation and removal.

Levelcut calls his latest venture Ned Levelcut Lawn Mower and String Trimmer Repair and Tax Return Preparation and Dock Installation and Removal.

“It’s just in time for the late dock-removal season,” Levelcut said. “It’s the culmination of five weeks of planning.”

Levelcut opened the yard maintenance arm of his burgeoning empire nearly three years ago almost by accident when he fixed the lawn mower of a man who was mowing his way across the state for charity. Levelcut ended up doing the man’s taxes as well.

“The rest is history,” Levelcut said. “The best of the rest is yet to come.”


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