Annual leaf pickup set

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leaf pile
Leaf pile prepares for annual leaf collection. (Staff reports)

The annual Bass Lake town leaf pickup is set for Oct. 20-Dec. 18. Beginning Monday, Oct. 18 Bass Lake leaf collection crews will begin collecting leaf collections.

In order to avoid last year’s mayhem, a new, streamlined leaf collection protocol has been devised. Homeowners are asked to sort and align leaves in the following manner:

Odd-numbered days: On odd-numbered days, leaf collection will begin on the even-numbered side of streets, beginning with oak and maple leaves. Residents with even-numbered house addresses (unless the residence is an apartment with an odd-numbered unit and an even numbered address (see below) in which case see below) are asked to sort leaves by species beginning with all varieties of oak (except poison oak) and maple. Leaves are to be placed in piles perpendicular to the sidewalk in the case of neighborhoods with sidewalks and parallel to the street in neighborhoods without sidewalks. (Please see the Bass Lake Town Sidewalk Map if you are not sure about the existence of sidewalks in your neighborhood.) On days other than odd-numbered days, elm, cottonwood and birch leaves will be collected. The remaining species (hickory, pear, apple, cherry (all varieties) tulip, sycamore, etc., will be collected.)

Even-numbered days: Even-numbered days, e.g. 24, 18, 2, leaf pickup will be the opposite of odd-numbered days, with odd-numbered addresses eligible for oak and maple collection (see above for apartment-dwellers) in neighborhoods without curbs and even-numbered address for residential dwellings containing at least one curb. Species designations will not apply on prime-number days. (Please refer to Bass Lake Elementary School “Math is Fun” display to determine prime numbers.) Alternate kindergarten will not be affected.

Streets named for trees: Oak, Elm, Walnut, Hickory, Osage Orange, Sassafras, Palm, Beech, Maple, Evergreen Place, Tulip Poplar, Redwood, Chestnut, Aspen, Sycamore, Ash. (Not all of these street names exist within the town limits).

Rain days: Rainy days will be the reverse of the odd-even schedule above.

In the event of a tie: Should all things be equal, homeowners and residents will be asked to re-attach fallen leaves to their mother trees and the process will begin anew.

Sticks and nuts: Sticks and nuts must be separated from leaf piles prior to pickup.

Car and truck parking: To avoid damage to vehicles during the annual leaf pickup, cars and trucks on the affected street must be parked on the opposite side of leaf-pickup side (unless parking is prohibited on that side). Streets with no on-street parking will revert to Snow Emergency parking rules, as posted at the highway barn.

Leaf burning: Leaf burning during leaf pickup is discouraged.

Leaf-pile-jumping-into hours: Leaf-pile-jumping-into will not be allowed during actual leaf collection period, unless the target leaf pile is outside the collection zone and time-space continuum.

Leaf pile envy – See a psychiatrist.


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