Quotes of the month: May 2016

Notable quotable from the Beacon area, May 2016:

(Courtesy Grumpy's Friendly Diner)
(Courtesy Grumpy’s Friendly Diner)

“(Guy) Soundguy didn’t show up once for anything. We got along fine.”
— Olden A. Goodway, clerk/treasurer, town of Bass Lake

“Hey, McCall, are you gonna tell some jokes?!”
— Vryce Tatum, heckling-arts intern, Bass Lake High School

Closest we came to talking was one time in the rest room … I nodded in his general direction, he sneezed, then out the door he went.”
— Enos Felger (D-Dave’s House)

“That might’ve been there before the incident.”
— Tug McNabb, reinstated chief, Bass Lake Authority Police

“Twelve of you will enter the exciting field of convenience store management. Lots of room for advancement there. Three kinds of beef jerky at your fingertips, a lifetime of free coffee in your cups.”
— Al Schwartz, excerpted from 2016 Bass Lake University commencement speech

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