Bass Lake Town Council agenda submitted

Bass Lake Town Council agenda
For May 16, 2016

How meetings look in urban settings. (Provided by City Cousin)

I. Call to order

II. Improv-theater moment of silence

III. Consent agenda (Age-of-)

IV. Old Business

V. New business (is the next agenda item)

VI. New business

  • A. Official acceptance of resignation of Mayor Guy Soundguy
    • 1. Informal proclamation (first reading)
    • 2. Formal proclamation (last reading)
    • 3. Statement of purpose/intent
    • 4. Review of previous three elements (Carolyn Shee, vice president)
    • 5. Intermission
    • 6. Presentation of council seat-exchange protocol (Olden A. Goodway, town clerk-treasurer)
    • 7. Discussion of ballot-petition rules, for interested parties
    • 8. Appointment of true interim mayor (by acting-interim mayor Carolyn Shee, vice president)
  • B. There is no “B”

VII. Seas

VIII. Public displays of affection

VIII. A few minutes of argument

X. Adjournment

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