Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 5/16 – 5/20

Jim “Jolly” Jimmerschmidt explains the field trip release form in this undated photo from May 18, 2015. (Beacon file photo)

Murky soup w/bread crust
Choice of spoon
Cherry pits
Cherry tart
Diluted Cheez Whiz

Barnacle stir fry
Quasi rice
Fermented sticks
Water bottle roundup

Spring peeper legs
Bagged grass
Cherry stems
Sugar water

Fish tots
Boiled lettuce
Fruit flies
Ice stickies
Power steering fluid

Friday (BLE field trip to Jolly’s Morgue & Donut)
Peanut butter and jelly donut
Dead man’s broccoli
Corpse berries
Flash frozen sweetbreads
Embalming fluid

This week’s menu sponsored by Jolly’s Morgue & Donut. Treat your loved one to a forever donut.

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