Goals made easy: The Beacon resolution kit

By Clara Glendale | Beacon self-help reporter

Your goals will soar with the Beacon’s Free Resolution Kit.

For many Bass Lake residents, New Year’s Day brings not only a basket full of fresh regrets to kick off the new year but the chance to take steps toward avoiding such terrible mistakes in the future.

Resolutions, however, can sometimes be more difficult to enumerate than to ignore. Usually, in fact.

It is with this truism in mind that we at the Bass Lake Beacon have pre-assembled some promises to self that our readers can use to help set their goals for the new year.

Simply fill in the blanks is whatever way is necessary for your particular situation.

  1. This year I resolve to _________ fewer flapjacks than my ______.
  2. This year I resolve to lose ____ to better prepare myself for _________ with my spouse/friend/pet.
  3. This year I resolve to spend more ______ and less ______ by myself in the ______.
  4. This year I resolve to learn a new ________ and to display that ______ to my spouse/friend/pet.
  5. This year I resolve to ______ at least three times a week at the ________ and twice a week in my ______.
  6. This year I resolve not to wake up ______at my neighbors.
  7. This year I resolve to finally get my _______ in order so I can spend less time in the ________.
  8. This year I resolve to unload ______ from my pantry.
  9. This year I resolve to go ________ with my or someone’s children at least ______ a day.
  10. This year I resolve to stop _______ with/by myself in grocery stores and _______ unless it’s after 6 p.m.

I hope that this simple kit will help each and every Bass Lakean have a healthy and _____ 2016!

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