5 things to avoid missing: January 2016

Compiled by Buzz Turbo | Beacon pressroom advisor

Snapshot from “IceFest” 2013. (Scavanged Photo)

Associate editor’s note: New for 2016 and beyond —
“7 things to avoid missing,” the monthly entertainment planner
created exclusively for and by the Beacon, henceforth becomes
“5 things to avoid missing,” due in part to a reduction in the number of compelling event opportunities available on a monthly basis.
Without further explanation, here is the new-look schedule.

Activities this month in the Bass Lake area:
Jan. 4: Bloody mary mix curbside collection, 2:45-4:45 p.m.; stipulations may apply.
Jan. 8: Boys’ high school basketball, Steepwater Perch at Bass Lake Canoes, 7 p.m.,
the gymnasium (girls’ start time uncertain).
Jan. 16: “Silent Murder Mystery,” participatory whodunnit mime theater, 6 p.m.,
Bass Lake Inn-Convenience; $12, fee includes snacks.
Jan. 18: Town council meeting, featuring state-of-the-town address 2016,
feat. vice president Carolyn Shee and probably not feat. mayor Guy Soundguy, 7 p.m., town hall.
Jan. 25-26: “Bass Lake IceFest 2016,” Gerald Fjord and surrounding lake area; highlights include ice-fishing contest, competitive skating, leisurely skating, live-bait toss and general frigidity. Snow date: Pending.

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