Local food co-columnists release recipe book

Byline scorched

How the book might look on your counter. (Ring-binder sold separately).
How the book might look on your counter. (Ring-binder sold separately).

Laurel and Marty Princeworth, local cooking experts and culinary contributors at Bass Lake Beacon, have published their first book of recipes, titled “First Book of Recipes: Our First Book of Recipes (Volume 1).”

Sub-subtitle: “Delicious Deliciousness, From Us to You.”

It hits the shelves early next week (and some online retail sites) (and maybe in e-book format), just in time for the holidays, “or close enough to it,” according to the promotional kit from publisher Random Kitchen.

“It’s the perfect time of year to buy a cookbook,” said one of the authors. “Perfect, as in, ‘oooh yeah.’”

The publication features at least 31 recipes, some with accompanying photographs to show how the stuff should look. Several selections have appeared in various editions of the Beacon. Examples:

Autumn apple extravaganza
French onion soup-of-the-day du jour
Two-thirds winter chili

And so on.

Additional recipes are available only on vinyl, and will include a CD-mix of mood-music, for an additional cost.

Some recipes are so simple, a child can do it. (Not recommended.)
Some recipes are so simple, a child could handle it. (Not recommended.)

The book includes a 2,400-word introduction, written by Marty with assistance from local intellectual Forrest Bunkard. It appears after the index of ingredients, but prior to the main index, and will not be included in subsequent editions, if any happen to exist, the publisher said.

A book-signing is planned for mid-December, but probably won’t happen that soon, according to reports.

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