Quotes of the Month: October 2015

Bass Lake Beacon notable quotables, October 2015:

Cute (but semi-deadly). Diddley DuWright / Beacon
Cuter than the dickens, but semi-deadly. (Diddley Dew-Wright / Beacon)

“The more we can teach kids to learn about the animal kingdom, the more we can teach them to learn about learning.
— Askew Rankin, chief handler, Michiana Regional Animal Sanctuary and Petting Zoo

“I got sad when the ocelot bit that first-grade boy.”
— Shauna (last name withheld)

“I’ll never let a little haze keep me away from work. Ever. Otherwise, why be employed at all?”
  Ralph “Blue Bird” Carpenter, driver of bus, Bass Lake Public Schools

“I was just lying there and it came to me out of the blue.”
— Lee F. Pyle, local inventor extraordinaire

“I’m a vile-half-full type of person.”
— Tara Jarton, chief nurse, Blood Drive ’15

“I was young, naive and reckless at the time — if not wreckless.”
— Sam Butcher, motorist, now 25

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