Couch found in front yard

By Ken at the Paper | Beacon merged-beats beat

An abandoned couch is causing anguish for a local resident. (Steve Daven-Port / Beacon)

Someone left a couch in the front yard of a residence on Betsy “Commander” Nelson Boulevard, formerly Third Street, and the current resident is getting upset.

According to the homeowner, who prefers not to be identified but goes by the name “Quin Trillion,” the couch is not his, and he has no idea who put it there.

“I don’t need any more sofas,” said Trillion (actually his real name). “Already got two of ‘em.

According to Trillion, some family members are upset because it may detract from their Halloween yard display.

“Daughter’s mad at me,” he said. “I told her I didn’t do it. She doesn’t believe me. Worse yet, it’s messing up my raking routine.”

In addition, his wife says the couch design “is ugly.”

A complaint has been submitted to the newly formed Bass Lake Community Furniture Committee.

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