BLAP Beat: Usable meth lands druggie in custody

The BLAP Beat is taken from the Bass Lake Authority Police dispatch log. 

Not BLAP officers
Not BLAP officers.

A BLAP (Bass Lake Authority Police) officer fielded a complaint Tuesday night about a suspicious person fleeing a second BLAP officer in what a third BLAP officer called “an attempt to flee by a suspicious person.”

The entire BLAP force combined to comb the vicinity of the alleged fleeing in search of the alleged fleer. Following a 45-yard sweep of the boat ramp at Gerald Fjord Park, a suspect was apprehended.

A search of the suspect revealed a bag of usable meth and a pocket meth lab in operational condition. The suspect, druggie in color, explained that he wasn’t fleeing but was merely attempting to put out the fire caused by his lap-based meth lab.

A subsequent search of the suspect’s vehicle, which was parked on the ramp, revealed an operational charcoal grill actively cooking a skillet of potatoes and suspected bluegill fillets. Officers also found a cooler of intoxicants.

Officers handcuffed the suspect to the BPO (bicycle patrol officer) unit and took lunch, which consisted of fried fish, potatoes and beer.

The suspect was released after promising to not do it again.

No charges were filed.

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