7 things to avoid missing: October 2015

Monthly planner-planner, October 2015:

Seasonal scenescape. (Leif Blower / Regional Foliage Institute)

Oct. 3-31: Various haunted house/maize-maze/pumpkin-decimating events, townwide.
Oct. 9: Varsity football: Bass Lake Canoes at TBA High (game time TBD).
Oct. 12: “Sail Over the Edge Day,” Bass Lake Elementary; featured book: “It Takes a Pillage,” by Nina Santa-Maria. Consult teachers for detail(s).
Oct. 17: Harvest festival/corn-picker-pull/color-tour, noon-8 p.m., Granary Row.
Oct. 19: Bass Lake Town Council meeting, 7 p.m., town hall; free.
Oct. 30: “Safe Routes to Halloween and Back Home Again Without a Negative Incident,” 4:45-6:45 p.m., townwide. Costume contest: $1 or non-perishable canned good or candy bar; proceeds to local food pantry/snack bank.
Oct. 31/Nov. 1: “Drink Longer/Fall Back,” attitude/clock adjustment, 11 p.m. (10 p.m. EDT), Funky’s on the Bayou; costume-optional.

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