Death notice of the month: Larry Brockston

Larry N. ‘J’ Brockston
70-plus, Granary Row

Sample from Larry Rockston’s wall of fame.

Larry Ned “Joe” Brockston, in excess of 70 years, passed away late Sunday or early Monday.

He was born Dec. 5, ca. 1945, near the Bass Lake area, the lone son of Frank and Evelyn (Preckler) Brockston.

“Ned” lived in or near the Bass Lake vicinity for 45 percent of his life, and had been a continual area resident since at least 1978.

During the late-1960s, he applied for a job with the U.S. Army, but was rejected due to a weak cover letter. Two years later, he earned an associates degree in practical science at Bass Lake Area College of Agriculture.

That degree was later declared invalid.

At some point, Mr. “Joe” Brockston entered the drywall business. A humble man by nature, he did pretty good for himself, occupationally — but not any better than anybody else would have.

He never married, but he tried numerous times.

Surviving are a sister, Judith (Brockston) Highstandard, PhD, who has had a successful career and marriage, as has her well-reared family and subsequent descendants; and some friends and loyal co-workers.

Upwards of several people preceded him in death.

Viewing/visitation is scheduled for 10 a.m.-noon Wednesday at Regional Corporate Funeral Home in Michianapolis. Judith’s family is footing the bill.

A brief memorial-service program will take place beginning at 2 p.m. Thursday at Lakeside Agnostic Church. Judith probably won’t attend, if you’re wondering.

Burial information is available upon request.

In lieu of flowers, acquaintances suggest donations to National Drywall Foundation, 37 Gypsum Lane, (zip code undisclosed); or send money mail or direct-deposit bequeathments to Judith’s bank account.

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