Bass Lake Inn-Convenience closed for upgrade

By Clara Glendale | Special to the Newsroom

Partial-menu provided by residents of Granary Row. (Bin Kingsley / Beacon Photographrapher
Harvest dinner menu is (partly) provided by residents of Granary Row. (Bin Kingsley / Beacon)

Bass Lake Inn-Convenience is closed for upgrades, as the headline suggests.

The 11th-hour measure comes less than a week before the annual harvest festival, scheduled for Sept. 12.

Clem Brickston, proprietor and “chief of staff,” said improvements to the business are “necessary and immediate,” but he believes re-opening will occur in time for the event.

“We’ve gotta do it, and we’ve gotta do it now,” Brickston said. “By the way, do you know anybody who wants to buy a piano?”

The 2014 event attracted dozens, but may have repelled a few others as well. At least one Bass Lake-area resident believes the harvest festival occurs too soon, relative to fall equinox.

“I do believe that,” he said.

Bass Lake Inn-Convenience has now re-opened.

View last year’s festival preview, scheduled for a date around the same time.

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