Bass Lake Elementary Lunch Menu 9/7 – 9/11 2015

canada ball
Get your balls in Canada! It’s closer than you think. (Bring Canada Home Tonight, Before It’s Too Late Council)

Labor Day -No School: Kitchen staff party menu

Prime rib
Lobster tail
Roasted asparagus
Wild greens salad w/raspberry vinaigrette
New potatoes w/dill
Chocolate fountain/dessert bar
Wine box

Deep-fried algae
Security leeks
Migrant fruit gift box
Twelves a-poppin’
Diet cola N/A

Camel tofu
Silage pastry
Assorted splashdown splashers
Over-the-dam water bag

Pulled soybean sandwich w/bun
Remembered broccoli stems
Date nut powder
Batter spoon
Senior sweat day

Bass flakes
Veggie thought experiment
Early grapes
Whispering tart
Canada Wet

This week’s menu brought to you by Canada – It’s Closer Than You Think.
Paid for by the Bring Canada Home Tonight, Before It’s Too Late Council 



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