A Friend Remembers: the Honorable-by-default Delores Denominator

By Gwen “Tug” McNabb | Confidant, co-defendant

Oh jesusWhere to start? When the word of my friend and Bass Lake’s friend and former mayor-by-default’s untimely death finally reached the headquarters of the Bass Lake Authority Police offices, I was nearly into my second break meal of the day. But when I got the news I stopped eating and instinctively stood and saluted to the east where I was facing.

Delores C. Denominator. What more can I say? She bravely led Bass Lake through one of its most recent time periods. And she led with an eye toward the present, never letting the smoky back-room politics of the old-boy network diminish her spirit or her desire to do what was best for her town, whether they liked it or not.

And as it turned out they didn’t like it very much. Old Double D, as I called her during our intimate moments doing the hard work of policing and governing in the halls of government, never had anyone in mind when she did the things she did, but thinking of herself as the default representative of this fair lakeside community she did what she had to do. And I’d stand by her again, helicopter or no helicopter. I still think that was a good decision. Flying should not be underestimated.

The Dominator, as she was known to a secret group of friends, had a strong will and a powerful drive to have her will be done. I never knew her husband, but I bet he knows what I’m talking about. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his, whatever his name is.

In closing, let me think of a song that she would like to have heard had she been alive when I thought of it.  Let not her name be dragged through the mud any longer, for she is in a far different place than she was when last she was here. What I loved most about Her Honor was that she had the right to remains silent but didn’t. May she R.I.P. in peace.

Your Chief Always,

Ex-Chief Gwen “Tug” McNabb, BLAP Police Chief Demoted

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