Fishing tournament unmarred by anglers

By Ken at the Paper | Interim Fishing Reporter

Wally and Walletta Walleye in action at the Semi-Annual Bass Lake Fishing Tournament. The Walleyes were the only participants in the event, which is held semi-annually on Bass Lake. (Ken at the Paper)

Well, there’s one thing you can say about the semi-annual Bass Lake Fishing Tournament: No fish were harmed.

An underwhelming turnout had event organizers reorganizing their tackle boxes in search of new lure to attract the attention of area anglers.

BLFT spokesman Ronald McLure said the dismal level of participation made him wonder if a new type of bait is needed to attract the attention of area anglers.

“Participation was dismal,” McLure said. “The low turnout will force me to reorganize my tackle box, as it were, to find some way to get area anglers interested in our event. We need them hook, line and/or sinker, as it were.”

Avid fisherman and Bass Lake Inn/Convenience Store owner Clem Brickston said McLure might want to consider lowering the entrance fee.

“Who in their right mind would pay $4,500 dollars to go fishing on Bass Lake?” Brickston wondered. “For that price you can rent the whole cotton-picking Bass Lake Inn for the season and fish all day for free. A nominal deposit is required.”

Wally and Walletta Walleye, however, disagreed.

“I don’t care what it costs,” Wally said. “The fishing was great. I caught one small largemouth bass and one large smallmouth bass and that was enough to win. Walletta knitted a new live basket. It was fun.”

With the win, the Walleyes earned a place on the Semi-Annual Bass Lake Fishing Tournament Wall of Fame.

McLure said the spring edition of the S-ABLFT will be different.

“We’re going to include a Groupon for a box of Captain Tug’s Fish Poles,” he said. “That’ll pull ’em in.”

2 thoughts on “Fishing tournament unmarred by anglers

  1. There are so many large smallmouth bass and small largemouth bass to be caught, eaten and released that had I known, i would’ve chartered a boat. If you can’t reorganize your tackle box while ignoring the bait that’s your problem. Drown your your worms elsewhere.


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