Tomorrow Today: Outdoor music festival lineup set

By Maxeen Crumplett | Beacon temp-stringer agency

Nightfall at the Festival (After a Day at the Races / Pictures at an Exhibition File Photo)
Nightfall at the Festival (After a Day at the Races / Pictures at an Exhibition File Photo)

The slogan is no different, but the song remains not-the-same.

Annually promoted as “the largest outdoor music festival within a 45-mile radius that particular weekend,”  “MusicOutSide” — formerly Bass Lake Outdoor-Music-Live! — is set for Aug. 7-8 near Bass Lake.

Boasting a fresh festival label and a lineup promoters believe is “highly appetizing,” Garth Jimmerschmidt said he is “optimistic” about the inaugural annual event.

Who is Garth Jimmerschmidt? A co-organizer of MusicOutSide, and the guy who said this: “I’m optimistic — blatantly optimistic, you might say,” he said with a laugh, you might say.

Featured performers include the familiar (Local Cover Band) and the less-familiar (basically everybody else).

Although seating space is not limited, seating itself is. Jimmerschmidt suggests that festival-goers bring a lawn chair or “a seat to pass.”

“By the way, I hate the term ‘festival-goer,’” Jimmerschmidt added. “You may want to avoid using that in your article.”

For the first time in the event’s storied history, local nightclub Funky’s on the Bayou is involved. It could mark a turning point for everyone involved, according to Funky’s owner Greg “Funky” Gregory, although he said nothing of the sort.

“Turning point, schm’turning point,” Gregory said. “Yeah, whatever.”

(Caption unavailable)
(Caption unavailable)

MusicOutSide is family-friendly — at times — according to planners. Face-painting is available, as well as a “kids’ zone” for ages 11 and under. Older children may participate at their own risk.

Food vendors are expected to be set up “all over the place,” Jimmerschmidt hinted.

Merrill Platitude, a longtime frequenter of the annual festival and music-lover extraordinaire, has anticipated this weekend for most of the past year.

“I can’t wait!” Platitude gushed. “By the way, I hate the term ‘frequenter.’ The word doesn’t even exist.”

This year’s entertainment lineup:

Day 1
Community tent (music begins around 2:45 p.m.): Community Praise Group; Bass Lake High School alumni marching-in-place band; Paramilitary Paraphrase Group.
Main stage: Wailin’ Jennings Brian (5 p.m.); Weren’t/Not Weren’t (6 p.m.); Guerilla Love-In (7:30 p.m.); Punk-Funk and Wagnalls (9 p.m.); Very Special Guest and Many More (10:15 p.m.).

Day 2
Community tent (start time TBA): Accordion Lee; First-grade triangle choir; Ashlee-Megan McNabb (flugelhorn); Mandolin Orange (sponsored by Beijing Bait and Tackle); The Bluegrass Roots.
Main stage: Along Came Drones (6 p.m.); Local Cover Band Jr. (7 p.m.); Local Cover Band (8:30 p.m.); Country-western headliner (TBA)  (10 p.m.).

Tribute band stage (both days, partly): Sugar Ray Leonard Bernstein; Boyce-Hart Medley; Aimee MannHeim Steamroller; Confederate Motel Foxtrot.

Festival summary available just below another photo.

Drum-player in Local Cover Band Jr. (phone photo)
Drum-player in Local Cover Band Jr. (phone photo)

Quick peek at-a-glance:

  • What: MusicOutsideLive
  • When:Aug. 7-8
  • Where:Louis’ Pasture, 45000 County-Line Road 33-1/3 (known as “Catch the Rave” from 1992-92).
  • Prohibited on the grounds:Glass containers; “non-allowed” substances; alien watercraft; zebras.
  • Master of ceremonies:Yaks Masker, from The Radio Station.
  • Admission:$10.45 (front-row); $9.11 (tower-view); $4.11 (information only); $3.11(down-stage), $2.99 (value menu); $1.45 (anywhere within earshot). Group rates unavailable.

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