Weekend planner: Bass Lake Outdoor-Music-Live!

Dr. Stephanie Jones, M.D., and the Riot-Grrl Flautists will be among performers who will perform at Bass Lake Outdoor-Music-Live!
Dr. Stephanie Jones, M.D., and the Riot-Grrl Flautists are on the docket for Bass Lake Outdoor-Music-Live! Other, more prominent music acts are featured as well. Not pictured: Dr. Stephanie Jones, M.D.

By Jenna “Ration-X” Cornsup| Summer entertainment contributor

Promoted annually as “the largest outdoor music festival within a 45-mile radius that particular weekend,” Bass Lake Outdoor-Music-Live! is set for Aug. 1-2.

The two-day event features nearly a couple-dozen acts in a variety of genres, from pleasant, soothing entertainment to really loud stuff, and everything in between, the press kit I have in front of me proclaims.

Co-organizer Garth Jimmerschmidt said he is “excited, but nervous” about the festival.

“We’re thrilled about our lineup this year, I just hope a lot of people show up — but not too many,” Jimmerschmidt said. “These musicians aren’t playing for free. Some are, yeah, but others aren’t. We seek a balance. We need attendance and funding, but just the right amount, is what I’m saying.”

He also added: “I advise audience members to bring a lawn chair or, at minimum, a blanket. This ain’t no cushy amphitheater!”

This year’s lineup:

Day 1:

  • Community tent (Noon-3 p.m.): Accordionist/ventroloquist “Wired” Algar Bergen; Vida Bluegrass; Community Praise Group; Junior Community Praise Group; Senior Community Praise Group; Potluck Supper Club.
  • Intermission: Weather-dependent bonus performance piece by Art Rain-Delay.
  • Main stage: Open Mike And The Karaoke Knight, 5:30 p.m.; Dr. Stephanie Jones, M.D., and the Riot-Grrl Flautists, 6:15 p.m.; All-Star Country & Western All-Stars, (feat. Corned-Beef and #Hashtag), 8 p.m.; Papa “Bass” Elliot, 10 p.m.

Day 2:

  • Community tent (10 a.m.-2 p.m.): The Singer-Songwriters; Anglers With Washboards; Ashlee-Megan McNabb (piano); Bass Lake High School Alumni Band/Wind Ensemble; Guy Soundguy Mix-a-Lot (*** CANCELED; whereabouts unknown****).
  • Intermission: Raffle-winner announcement/extended monologue, feat. Delores Denominator, Bass Lake mayor-by-default.
  • Main stage: Flaming Globes of Sigmund, 5:30 p.m.; Special Guest/Very Special Guest supergroup, 6:15 p.m.; Local Cover Band, 8 p.m.; Legit Blues Unit From Chicago (feat. “Def” Mango Atkinson), 10 p.m.

Summary-of-event summary:

  • What: Bass Lake Outdoor-Music-Live!
  • When: Aug. 1-2.
  • Where: Louis’ Pasture, 45000 County-Line Road 33-1/3 (known as “Keg Party Central” from 1975-82).
  • Prohibited on the grounds: Glass containers; “suspicious” substances; motorcycles manufactured beyond the contiguous U.S.A.; goats.
  • Master of ceremonies: Buster “Hogback” Lake, from The Radio Station.
  • Admission: $7 (near the action); $6 (hillside); $4 (bottom-of-hillside); $3 (ditch), $2 (picnic-table/family-friendly area); $1.45 (anywhere within earshot). Group rates unavailable.

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