Bass Lake High to add rowing

By Scoop Ferguson | Beacon Correspondent

Bass Lake High School athletic director Steve Jokovich announced this week that rowing will be added as a club sport this fall.

“I was approached by Bill ‘Stroke’ Skuller about adding the sport that he excelled in when he attended Yale in the ’70s,” Jokovich said. “Bill will coach and is financing the team, using part of his fortune he amassed in pork futures.”

There has been some interest expressed by some potential rowers.

“They told me that practice would be during sixth hour,” incoming junior Tom “Zit” Abernathy said. “Anything to get out of Ms. Anglemyer’s algebra class.”

Bass Lake High is the only Michiana school near a lake that did not have some kind of rowing program.

“Someone forgot, I guess,” Jokovich guessed.

Jokovich said he sees only one drawback to the new club offering.

“We’re having a hard time not having kids laugh when we say ‘coxswain,'” he said.

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