Resident: Spring yard work complete

By Clara Glendale | Beacon feature-writing and features

Springtime tidying is complete for at least one Bass Lake-area resident. (Lawn-related archives)

Matt Cranston of Outskirts Avenue said today his spring yard work is “finished for another year.”

“It’s been a tough row to hoe — and rake,” said Cranston, 35, smirking witfully. “But it’s finally done. We look forward to enjoying the rest of spring and all of summer now.”

“We” is Cranston’s family, which consists of a spouse and two children, ages unknown.

Witnesses had seen Cranston piling dead leaves in his front yard and setting them afire. Bass Lake Fire and Emergency Institute was notified, but did not respond to the scene. Instead, Institute officers notified the Beacon of a possible human-interest story.

Cranston said the seasonal workout was invigorating.

“It’s good to get outdoors after a long winter,” he said.

Cranston also removed ice-scraping devices from the family vehicles for seasonal storage, he said.



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