Bass Lake University dome construction delayed; land dispute blamed

By Brock Stafford | Beacon sports editor

Land out on Out-on-the-Highway Road remains dome-less. (Ken at the Paper)
Thus far, land out on Out-on-the-Highway Road remains dome-less. (RoadQuest)

Construction of  Bass Lake University’s new domed stadium, slated for construction four miles from campus out on Out-on-the-Highway Road, has been delayed, due to a land dispute.

BLU president Elliott Chamberton made the announcement at a press conference, held Tuesday at the college.

Details of the dispute were not disclosed at the press hearing.

The land owner, Michael B. Mischler, who resides in Michianapolis, did not attend the session and was unavailable for comment regarding what the dispute is all about. Repeated Twitter messages went unreturned, and calls were unsuccessful because my phone battery went dead.

The proposed yet-to-be-named dome was scheduled to open in September, but that target is likely to be pushed back, Chamberton said.

“As the classic cheer goes, ‘push it back, push it back, wayyyy back!” Chamberton joked.

Almost no one laughed.

Following the press conference, Helen Sanderstroms, director of athletics at Bass Lake University, commented about Chamerton’s quip.

“Like most jokes, it wasn’t funny,” Sanderstroms said.

If the acreage plan falls through, officials are uncertain where the new facility may be located, according to T. Kevin Garling, attorney for both parties.

“Who knows?” Garling said. “I’m not at liberty to speculate, my attorney said in a statement.”

Meanwhile, demolition of the old stadium is nearly complete.

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