Breaking: Electrical inspector to retire

By Clara Glendale | Community news news-writing stylist

The meter is running on a civic employee's career. (Lovely Rita / noon-hour intern)
The meter is running on a civic employee’s career. (Lovely Rita / noon-hour intern)

In a shocking development, Bass Lake’s longtime electrical inspector has announced his retirement.

Carl Pexton, 63, issued a formal resignation letter on Thursday, addressed to Bass Lake Town Council.

“I hereby announce my retirement, effective August 1st, after 29 years as a public employee,” the letter stated. “Oh, in case I didn’t tell you, all that wiring is fixed.”

Many officials were unaware the town even employed anyone in such a position, including secretary-treasurer Olden A. Goodway.

“Never heard of him,” Goodway told the Beacon. “I’ll have to check the books. What are the job duties? How much have we been paying him all this time? Do you happen to know?”

One local source believes Pexton’s unseeen-longevity is a telling personality characteristic, although the source’s words were far less eloquent.

“Heh, I bet it means he was so good at his job, nobody noticed,” said ex-police chief Tug McNabb, who was inexplicably consulted for this report.

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