‘Resident of the Year’ candidates announced

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Traveling trophy for Resident of the Year.
Traveling trophy for Resident of the Year.

In advance of the upcoming Bass Lake Pre-Mid-Summer Festival, finalists for Resident of the Year have been announced.

The annual honor bestows recognition upon a Bass Lake resident with the highest (noticeable) level of success or achievement during the previous 12 months, give or take.

The award process is overseen by the Town and Community Appreciation Committee, which ultimately makes the final decision.

Finalists for the 2015 award:

Emilee Van Dickinson
Local artisan and cultural activist, 34
Notable achievement in 2014-15: Continued failure at promoting the arts 

Doogan McWhittle
President, Bass Lake Meeting Club
Notable achievement in 2014-15: Unavailable due to meeting schedule

The Regents, Jeff and Linda
They reside on Sixth Street
Notable achievement in 2014-15: Double-handedly moved Bass Lake University into the domed-stadium era.

Johnny Wen
Proprietor, Beijing Bait & Tackle
Notable achievement in 2014-15: First Asian-heritage business proprietor in Bass Lake since 2013.

Mortis N. Tennon (posthumous)
Recently-deceased resident
Notable achievement in 2014-15: He had been a nice guy by-and-by, and had enjoyed TV, radio and telegraph.

Cooper Sanderstroms
Owner, Cooper’s Coops and Chicken Accessories on Trout Lane
Notable achievement in 2014-15: Continued to suffer through lengthiest sidewalk repair project in Bass Lake history. Also a candidate for Resident of the Year 2014.

Winner will be named shortly, according to the committee.

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