Minor injuries considered “major” in traffic crash

By Clara Glendale | Filling in for the police-beat reporter

One man may have been injured badly in a crash this week. (Photo editor on vacation).
A local driver may have or may have not been injured badly in a crash this week. (Photo editor on vacation).

A Bass Lake motorist sustained minor/major injuries in a crash Thursday out on Out-on-the-Highway Road.

According to Michiana Highway Control, Felix Johnson, 27, was traveling east at a normal rate of speed when he swerved to avoid running over a cat, a decision that cause his cobalt-blue 2008 Chevy Cobalt to leave the roadway and strike a ditch.

Johnson escaped serious injury, according to police, but Johnson begged to differ, according to emergency workers. He requested an immediate airlift to “the nearest, competent medical center, because my god I’m in pain right now,” he is said to have said.

Johnson’s condition was later described as “medium,” at press time.

Authorities may seek charges against the cat for leaving the scene of a crash. The feline is described as tortoise-shell in color, 7 inches in length, with piercing-green eyes and a cute little white patch on its underbelly.

2 thoughts on “Minor injuries considered “major” in traffic crash

  1. A cat seven inches in length, unless it is a breed I’m not familiar with, would, in my estimation be considered a “kitten”. I don’t know much about feline law, but I would think that an adolescent cat would be considered a minor and that the parents would be liable for it’s actions. If the search for the parents is unsuccessful, the kitten would be turned over to the local feline authorities and placed in foster care or simply turned loose to fend for itself,


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