7 things to avoid missing: July 2015

Monthly planner, July 2015:

July 4.
July 4.

July 4:Fourth of July (observed).
July 5: Inaugural “Independence Day Weekend Sunday Brunch,” 10 a.m.-2:45 p.m., Grumpy’s Friendly Diner.
July 10: Friday night fish fry, noon-2 p.m., various locations in and around the lake.
July 16-19: Bass LakePre-Mid-Summer Festival Week Days. Features parade, fireworks display, other activities and probably much more.
July 20: Bass Lake Town Council meeting. Agenda highlight: Approval of agenda.
July 25:Career fair and paddleboat races, 9:45 a.m.-4:45 p.m., Gerald Fjord.
July 30: TBA

2 thoughts on “7 things to avoid missing: July 2015

  1. I can definitely avoid a Friday “night” fish fry that begins and ends before Friday night has begun. Even for elderly people “night” doesn’t begin until 4-ish “early bird” dinners. If this trend continues, Friday night will begin at midnight Thursday as does Black Friday.


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