Death Notice of the Month: Marilyn J. Schroftmore

Marilyn Jean Schroftmore
81, Nearbytown

The unsightly headstone next to Marilyn’s family’s plot. (Semma Terry/Provided)
The unsightly headstone next to the family plot. (Semma Terry)

Marilyn Jean Schroftmore, 81, of Nearbytown, a devoted wife, mother, businesswoman and all-around kind-hearted gal, sources say, died June 21, 2015, at her home.

“Emma J,” most commonly known as Marilyn, was born Dec. 6, 1933, in Fort Van Landers, a single daughter among many sons of Theodore and Miss Peggy Sue (Gleenstrap) McJenkins. She was a 1952 high school graduate.

In 1954, she moved to the Bass Lake area, eventually settling in Nearbytown, where she eventually co-managed a bowling alley/diner with her eventual husband, Richard Schroftmore. They eventually reared two children and were loved by all.

Shortly after Richard’s retirement, he died. Marilyn managed the business for a few years after that, then sold it to a corporate owner, and that venture went under shortly thereafter.

Marilyn retired and never remarried, choosing instead to reap the nest egg her family had sown, to the ultimate point of mixed metaphor.

Marilyn occasionally was seen at the movie theater or was witnessed watching gymnastics or game shows on television. She was an occasionally avid collector of refurbished wind chimes, and had a great appreciation for either pottery or poetry. Immediate family members can’t remember which, because they’re grieving at the moment.

A familiar occupational site for the late Marilyn.
A familiar occupational site for the late Marilyn.

Surviving are a son, Neal Schroftmore (since remarried) and his ex-wife (since remarried); a daughter, Beneverly (never married); a close friend; two grandkiddos, Mel and Melanie; and a few brothers and their spouses and families.

She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband; and the remainder of her siblings and such.

Funeral arrangements have been made. A private service and burial will follow at some point. A memorial fund has been established. That’s all you need to know at this point.

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